Blank Slate: Full-Service from Afar
Blank Slate: Full-Service from Afar
Blank Slate: Full-Service from Afar
Blank Slate: Full-Service from Afar

Blank Slate: Full-Service from Afar

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You have an interesting and layered personal style. But you're busy, lacking a little confidence, and overwhelmed by the seemingly unlimited furniture and decor options. Not to mention, how are you going to manage the multiple purchases? Is that couch the right scale with your existing lounge chair and coffee table? Does that fabric wear well? Oh, and should you invest in that heirloom quality piece when you have a set budget? Or maybe you can't quite figure out why your room feels cold and uninviting. 

You're looking to spend your hard earned money to design your space but the "what if" questions have left you frozen. And though you'd really like to work with experienced designers, you'd also love to push your budget so you have more for the pieces that will go into your finished room.

We get it. We really do. 

So we offer comprehensive design services with a high attention to detail for clients who want to maximize their overall budget by doing some of the legwork. This service is mostly digital but we approach our assistance exactly like we would for our full-service clients except for site visits and installation.


  • Once we receive your room measurements, photos of your space, and your design survey we'll schedule an introductory phone or video meeting to review your project goals and chat about the design process 
  • Personalized service focused on your particular personality, architecture, room use, family dynamic, design goals, and overall lifestyle
  • Collaborative and informative process
  • Dedicated project folder communication
  • Multiple item suggestions including furniture, lighting, art and decor
  • Limited selection of finish materials
  • Color palette and paint selection
  • A functional furniture floor plan
  • Art installation elevations
  • Fabric and finish swatches
  • Tips on how to repurpose existing pieces
  • Room styling concepts so your space feels layered and inviting
  • Ways to make the space feel more like you
  • Line item budget breakdown
  • One stop shopping list based off your goal budget for project
  • A second phone or video consult to review Design Plan concepts and proposed budget before moving to procurement phase
  • Personal design assistant to manage your ordering and installation process, and answer any questions you might have throughout the project
  • Materials maintenance folder
  • Final punch list review before we close out your project

We're excited to take the lead to help you create the most comfortable, functional, and stylish space that’s within your goal budget!