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Ambit Design: Understanding Our Distance Design Service Process

Our boutique interior design studio is located in Omaha, NE and focuses on projects throughout the Midwest. With the Ambit Design* service, clients can access our design expertise throughout the United States (and beyond). 

This service is perfect for anyone looking to save in their budget by implementing a design plan we create. Typically, all communication is done online through a shared project folder. However, there are occasionally times when an Ambit Design project calls for an initial site visit before we get started on your plans. (This is a customized add-on that would be agreed upon at the beginning of a project.)

Our Ambit package is a comprehensive design service with high attention to detail for clients who are comfortable doing the legwork. While the service is implemented digitally, we approach our assistance exactly as we would with our local full-service clients, minus multiple site visits and final installation from the Birdhouse team.

You can sit back and let us take the lead in creating the most comfortable, functional, and stylish space— keeping within your goal budget!

*Ambit // sphere of operation or influence. The scope, extent, or bounds of something. The area or range that someone controls or affects.

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